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David Slawson's passion is to create landscape gardens that evoke the beauty of the natural world, inspired by the character of the site and surrounding regional landscape, the client's wishes for the garden, and locally available materials. Whether the space is small or large, the garden is crafted to resonate with our human nature so we feel at one with the landscape just as we do when experiencing a national park or a well composed landscape painting. This sense of intimacy is created through a variety of dovetailing aesthetic techniques, including asymmetrical balance, dynamic form-space interplay, and composing every detail as if it grew out of natural forces.

Some of the following gardens are public and some are residential. While public gardens tend to be larger, when working with such spaces, the landscape artist must be as attentive to detail and creating a sense of intimacy as in a small residential garden viewed from a living room. In the following photographs of my work, I have mixed public and residential projects. Try imagining which public garden designs might be used as well in a residential garden space.


Garden of the Pine Wind, Garvan Woodland Gardens


Upper falls, Garden of the Pine Wind, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Photo by Sylvia M. Banks

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Garden of Quiet Listening, Carleton College


The Garden of Quiet Listening, Carleton College

Visitors can enjoy the serenity of the scene from the simple comfort of a rustic viewing shelter. The undulating shoreline forms peninsulas and coves suggesting a small lake fed by a mountain stream.


Sage Mountain Sky, Aspen Institute



Garden site with Boettcher Building in the background


Fayetteville, Arkansas    Residential Garden



Front entry steps

Brick steps hidden behind a retaining wall along the house were removed and replaced by natural stone slab steps in a diagonal axis to create an inviting walk to the front door.


St. Paul, Minnesota    Residential Garden



Entry walk

The exposed aggregate sidewalk slabs have a stepped edge to create movement. Black pebbles are set randomly into the concrete in 2's and 3's in the "cat's paw" pattern.


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